3 – 4 years old


Our 3-year-old state funded kindergarten program in run by a Bachelor qualified Early Childhood Teacher. There is a strong focus on inclusion and programs that encourage peer to peer relationships, learning about age-appropriate play skills and navigating the learning environment safely and respectfully.

Our Pre-Kindergarten Room

Outdoor natural play spaces

Bright and welcoming indoor environment

Meals included

Bachelor qualified Early Childhood Teacher

Increased growth and learning opportunities

Playfulness in Practice

Children are given increased opportunities to develop their critical thinking skills. We work in small groups with teachers to refine their ability to co-operate with others and develop an awareness of conflict resolution, negotiation, and cooperation.

The 3-year-old program supports children’s overall development through their 7 senses and recognises a healthy sensory diet will support all learners. Programs are tailored for individual learners, recognising every child is on their own learning journey, and outcomes can and will look different for every child. ‘Playfulness in Practice’ is the foundation of our 3-year-old program, where children can share joy, laugh, and have fun in a safe and stimulating environment.

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