Nursery (0-2 years)

The Nursery is often the child’s first experience in a centre based childcare setting. Therefore, we place a high emphasis on emotional wellbeing. This emphasis includes children becoming familiar with the Educators, the environment and other children. We work in close partnership with Families to make the transition smooth and comfortable. We continue routines and practices that have already been ascertained at home. These practices ensure that both the child and the family feel safe, secure and nurtured as they begin this journey with us.

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    Enrol your child at Lyndel Childcare Centre.

    Lyndel Childcare Centre enrols children into our centre from a waiting list. To enrol your child with us, you will need to fill out the enrolment process found in the button below.

    This process could take up to 10 minutes. 


    1. You will be taken to an external website, iParentPortal. It will ask you to create a login and password.
    2. Once you are logged in, click yes to show Lyndel Childcare Centre.
    3. Enter your child’s name and their date of birth. Click [Submit] to start filling out the form.
    4. Once your form is completed, your child is on our list and our centre manager will directly contact you  directly.
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