Nursery (0-2 years)

The Nursery is often the child’s first experience in a centre based childcare setting. Therefore, we place a high emphasis on emotional wellbeing. This emphasis includes children becoming familiar with the Educators, the environment and other children. We work in close partnership with Families to make the transition smooth and comfortable. We continue routines and practices that have already been ascertained at home. These practices ensure that both the child and the family feel safe, secure and nurtured as they begin this journey with us.

  • Experiences include opportunities to develop emerging motor skills and use of senses to explore their world. Time is taken to form healthy relationships, so children feel secure in their new environment.
  • A record of each child’s day is kept sharing with parents in the afternoon
  • We believe it is just as important as the relationships we build with the children. It is important to us that parents feel comfortable in leaving their baby with us, knowing that they will be provided with the best possible care.

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