4 years – school age


Our 4-year-old state funded kindergarten program is delivered by our Bachelor qualified Early Childhood Teacher. The foundation of our program is attachment and the strong value of the ‘circle of security’.

Our Kindergarten Room

Outdoor natural play spaces

Bright and welcoming indoor environment

Meals included

Bachelor qualified Early Childhood Teacher

Play based learning opportunities

Encouraging Growth

Teachers are the children’s safe hands and they are free to venture out and explore, circling back in times of need, for comfort, reassurance, and support. Having a strong partnership with families also supports this healthy attachment, and we pride ourselves on these authentic relationships. We all work closely to provide best outcomes for all children.

We support children’s emotional and social wellbeing, helping understand their emotions, the emotions of others and how to care for those around us, showing empathy for others.  Our programs are built strongly on inclusion, where all children feel a sense of belonging, and children learn the diverse strengths and needs of others, collectively creating an inclusive classroom.

We actively promote

Play based learning

In our Kindergarten program, we provide a play-based curriculum where the children help guide the learning through their own wonderings, learnings, and provocations. We provide the opportunity for inquiry-based learning, that stems from children’s own questions. We have a focus on small group work recognising children’s best learning happens in this space, demonstrating increased confidence, resilience and sharing of knowledge.

Our program offers a nature program 1 day per week, for a minimum of 2 terms per year. Children actively involve themselves caring for Country, learning about eco systems, the community around them and being responsible learners out in the community.

We focus on a continuation of learning

We focus on a continuation of learning as they transition to their next stage of formal schooling. We collaborate with community members to assist all children in achieving best outcomes. We work closely with Pre-school Field Officers, allied health professionals, maternal child health nurses, and other surrounding kindergartens and schools sharing of knowledge and ideas.

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