Activities at Lyndel Childcare Centre

Lyndel Childcare Centre provides child-centred Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (EYLF) programs. The concept was developed from watching children on a regular basis, evaluating their needs and planning activities from these observations. We aim to create programs to meet the children’s needs and therefore enhance personal development. Each child will be pace guided to develop at an individual pace according to his or her unique, own way. Programs are evaluated on a regular basis.

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Principles, Practices and Learning Outcomes​

The skills that the Lyndel Childcare Centre curriculum is based on are

Based on the EYLF, we support the following principles

Under these principles, we uphold the following practices

And through these practices, we expect the following learning outcomes

The Early Years Learning Framework

Belonging refers to knowing where and with whom a child belongs. The framework helps kids feel that they belong to a family, a neighbourhood, a cultural group and the wider community.

Being refers to children knowing themselves and building relationships with others. Activities based on the framework lets the children experience the joys and challenges of everyday life. Lastly, becoming refers to the changes that happen during early childhood. It helps the kids learn how to participate actively in society.

Activities at Lyndel Childcare Centre

Our activities, which are based on the EYLF framework, enhance various skills in children. The programs involve working well with others, problem-solving, resolving conflicts and building self-esteem. Various puzzles, books, games and musical activities sharpen their numeracy, language and literacy skills. For instance, the children learn about insects, sea creatures and other elements of nature. In our activities, they practice being professionals like scientists, hairdressers, chefs and artists.

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