Lyndel Childcare

Our Curriculum

At Lyndel Childcare Centre, we believe that children deserve a positive and engaging early childhood education. We employ dedicated, friendly and highly qualified teaching staff who cultivate a warm and nurturing environment. Here, children are encouraged to express themselves and form social bonds while developing essential numeracy, language, and literacy skills.

Curriculum Focus Areas

Framework based

Our programs adhere to the Child-centred Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (EYLF) and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF). They are designed to ensure a comprehensive approach to early childhood education.

Regular evaluation

Regular evaluations are conducted to assess the effectiveness of our curriculum programs. This ongoing assessment is crucial for ensuring continuous improvement in program quality.

Child focused

Our curriculum offering revolves around a child focussed approach. We tailor our educational programs to create a learning environment centered on the development and well-being of every child in our care.

Decades of Experience

SINCE 1973

Lyndel Childcare Centre has provided accredited childcare services since 1973, with the majority of our educators being long standing members of the Lyndel family. In our decades of experience, we have honed our educational programs to deliver top-notch, holistic learning for the children enrolled in our centre. We actively promote inclusivity and warmly welcome parent involvement at all times.

Our highly skilled chefs at Lyndel take pride in crafting nutritious meals on-site daily. Seasonal menus are thoughtfully created to cater to developmental stages, allergies, and dietary requirements, ensuring delivery of excellent nutrition.

Specialty Classes,
Excursions & Incursions

Throughout the year, we host a variety of specialised classes, excursions and incursions, which include:

Jitterbugs Dancing

We currently run Jitterbugs dancing during the school terms for Nursery – Pre kinder children. Aside from being great fun, Jitterbugs sessions help develop children’s fine and gross motor skills, as well as their listening, concentration, social skills, and ultimately their self-confidence.

Auslan & Languages

The Pre-Kinder Children are eagerly learning Auslan sign language with the 3-year-old Kinder teacher Lisa, who is currently studying Auslan. In the kindergarten classroom, one of the educators named Regina is originally from Indonesia, and is teaching the children Indonesian.

Out and about Program

Our excursions are organised with the purpose of expanding your child’s horizons, while exploring their natural environments. The children have the opportunity to visit and explore our local community, which includes the beach, wetlands and even our local primary school.

Living Culture

Lionel works to bring awareness and engagement to the classroom when dealing with Indigenous culture interpretations. His easy-going nature and great connection with children encourages them to delve into the teachings of this ancient culture and consider the cultural environment of the present day.

African Drumming

A memorable journey of West African musical culture including drumming, dancing and singing. Learn about traditional instruments and how to play them. Every student gets a djembe drum for the session. A healthy physical activity that also stimulates cognitive function. Promotes communication, social skills and team work

Little Garden Growers

An interactive experience where learning about the environment is combined with a sprinkle of magic, to make sure the process is fun for the kids and the educators too. The performance-based show uses stories, songs and physical fitness movement to entertain and inspire children, followed by a gardening workshop for some hands-on learning.

Reptile encounters

The passionate and knowledgeable Wildlife Ambassadors aim to create a positive shift in how kids relate to, care about and treat wildlife. They want to help shape a generation of better humans. And with a Diamond Python, a Frilled Neck Lizard and a Saltwater Crocodile in their crew, they have just the guests to make a lasting impression!

Enrol now

Lyndel Childcare Centre enrols children into our centre from a waiting list. To enrol your child, please complete our enrolment form.