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Lyndel Childcare Centre

Since 1973, Lyndel Childcare Centre has been nurturing minds and fostering futures. Our dedicated team passionately cultivates a warm, inclusive environment, inspiring children to express themselves, build relationships, and flourish.

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Birth to 2-year-olds.
Our nursery room supports children through attachment, providing a nurturing, warm and engaging space for our littlest learners to learn and grow. With its own outdoor learning space full of fruit trees, we provide plenty of natural learning opportunities for children.



2 to 2.5-year-olds.
Our toddler room nurtures the development of all children. Natural lighting fills the room and provides children with the space to explore all learning domains including but not limited to; creative and visual arts, book sharing, role play and construction.


Junior Toddlers

2.5 years – 3 years old
Our Junior Toddler Program Is designed to engage children’s learning through its play-based curriculum. The Junior Toddler educators provide opportunities for the children to build their self-confidence, communication and social skills through play and collaborative learning moments throughout the day.



3 to 4-year-olds.
Our state funded pre-kindergarten program in run by a Bachelor qualified Early Childhood Teacher. There is a strong focus on inclusion and programs that encourage peer to peer relationships, learning about age-appropriate play skills and navigating the learning environment safely and respectfully.



4 years to school age.
Our state funded kindergarten program is delivered by a Bachelor qualified Early Childhood Teacher. The foundation of our program is ‘Circle of Security’. Teachers are the children’s safe hands and they are free to venture out, circling back in times of need for comfort, reassurance, and support.


About Us

SINCE 1973

Lyndel Childcare Centre has provided accredited childcare services since 1973, with majority of our educators being long standing members of the Lyndel family. We primarily provide long day care services for children from birth to school age. Our curriculum includes Nursery, Junior Kindergarten, and Kindergarten education.

In our decades of experience, we have honed our educational programs to deliver top-notch, holistic learning for the children enrolled in our centre. We believe that children should receive a positive, engaging early childhood education. We make sure to foster a spirit of inclusivity, and welcome parent involvement at all times.

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver high quality care and learning in an engaging environment. Our priority is to give you and your child the best education and care with a high focus on fun!


Our Philosophy

At Lyndel, we value early childhood education as the foundation for lifelong learning. We understand the value of assisting children to develop positive self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth and strong positive identities by ensuring they feel safe, secure and respected.

Our Curriculum

SINCE 1973

We provide child-centred Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (EYLF) and Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF) programs. The concept was developed from watching children on a regular basis, evaluating their needs and planning activities from these observations. We aim to create programs to meet the children’s needs and therefore enhance personal development. Each child will be pace guided to develop at an individual pace according to his or her unique, own way. Programs are evaluated on a regular basis.

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Lyndel Childcare Centre enrols children into our centre from a waiting list. To enrol your child, please complete our enrolment form.